Brian Caldwell reacts to Town shareholder accounts

Brian Caldwell reacts to Town shareholder accounts

By Media Team on 31/03/2020

Shrewsbury Town Football Club is pleased to report Salop’s accounts show another yearly profit.

Shrewsbury Town Chief Executive Brian Caldwell provided his thoughts on Town’s recently released accounts.

“We have continued to show a profit over the last few years,” said Town’s CEO. “We have done well over recent years to manage our money correctly, and hopefully we are a model for other football clubs to follow.

“We’ve had a lot of transfer fees but some of that money hasn’t come in yet. Fees will also come in during the next financial year. We have to account for things even if the money is still to come in.

“We have done phenomenally well again. In that time, we have invested in the club again. Football is very, very difficult. The accounts look very good and it just so happens that things have fallen in this financial year.

“A lot of the money in the accounts hasn’t been received yet. That will help us going forward with income streams. We have been fortunate that we have had some big games, they provide extra income.

“We have spent money on things like the dressing room upgrade, it helps our infrastructure grow. They are things we probably wouldn’t have done unless we had the money coming in. We want to invest our money in long-term projects and invest in things that will benefit the club in the long run.”

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